Luca Korodi: Happy Huntingfields

The Utopian landscape

Luca Korodi is a painter of timelessness. So far, her works have depicted gardens and forests in the Far East, Mediterranean landscapes rich in cypresses and olive-trees, as well as the English Park. Her compositions represented the part-whole relationship in various collages. She painted details of the forest based on memory and feelings, virtually “zooming in” the landscape to study its details.

In her new series she turns away from the forest and focuses on the glade behind. Space is widened and extended, letting the eyes scan the horizon without hindrance.

The pictures evoke the spirit of great old masters, echoing László Mednyánszky’s eternal landscapes and Ignác Kokas’s paintings.

Luca Korodi uses panel paintings as a means to respect and progressively reinterpret tradition. When creating the surface for her pictures, she never follows the conventional path.

In her latest series, “The Happy Hunting Grounds”, she sieves a Persian rug motif covering the entire surface of the base colour. She paints the landscape on this “all over” pattern used as a second layer, from under which the decorative motifs emerge. The marks made by the thick brush and the roller, together with the mixed layers give the landscapes a surreal, dreamlike feeling.

Luca Korodi discovered the motif of a panther hunting for a gazelle, a traditional theme in oriental arts, on a Persian rug. This archaic motif representing natural elements combined with the landscape creates a symbolic totality. The allegoric fight between the panther and the gazelle reveals the balance of nature, and symbolises the power game between genders. Furthermore, the series reflects the fragile connection of men to nature.

The exhibition also features works made of junk materials to represent the metaphorical relationship of the contrast between man-made and natural materials. The reflective surface on the pictures refers to the philosophical doctrine of knowledge and the problem of relative reality. In medieval and renaissance art, the mirror was the symbol of wisdom and virtue.

As the illusory images of clouds, birds and trees are reflected on the surface of the rippling water, reality replicates itself. The beloved landscape turns into a space for meditation, revealing a philosophical painter against the backdrop of romantic idealism. We observe poetic, spiritual landscapes, happy hunting grounds, the subjective projection of the painter’s psyche, from where we can return to our own reality, purged and recharged.

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