Katalin Haász

The Mobius strip as a mathematical abstraction emerged in Hungarian art in the 1970s when Miklós Erdély announced a Mobius show in 1975 to reject naive realism and emphasize the aesthetic values of clear thought.

The Mobius strip is an allegory of infinity unperceivable by our senses. It is the empirically unfathomable symbol of the immeasurable infinite, which manifests the incomprehensible and empirically impenetrable in itself. The Mobius strip in fact represents the boundlessness of the mind that reaches beyond the harmony between men and nature, providing a synthesis of phenomena that are conceivable by the mind, but incomprehensible to imagination. What Mobius embodies makes everything else look insignificant.

It is a closed, exact, finite system which possesses topological tension and mathematical rigidity, but Haász goes beyond the mere geometric abstraction of the symbol to provide a concise interpretation of unseen reality. While geometric forms are usually characterised by definite contours and solidity, her symbols go through a gentle, graceful and easy metamorphosis. The three-dimensional effect of her Mobiuses is created by using gentle curves, delicate colour transitions and subtle painting techniques instead of rigid structures, sharp lines and colour fields. She enjoys using techniques bends and curves offer. Sometimes she paints them only to enjoy this aspect of detail. The aesthetics of her theme lies in the details and the use of delicate methods to depict the symbol by creating the indispensable tension to make the form become what it is.

Haász Katalin’s energetic tracing suggests a desire for perfection. However, she chooses a meditative, introspective examination contrary to an expressive, rebellious attitude. Haász’s painting compresses her own empirical experience and idea of nature into a concentrated sign to reveal an unquestionable axiom that should serve as a fundamental principle for all of us.

Haász leverages nature's apparent disorder to a higher discipline to expand imagination through a symbolic thick description.

Her Mobius strips are kinetic elements floating in space. Their significance and timeless motionlessness create dynamics through a mixture of tension and movement. However, Haász replaces historical avant-garde’s kinetism and abrupt cacophony with the permanent, placid sinuses of infinity with her forms calmly swinging in a warm plasma.

Zita Sárvári

Eszter Radák: For Seasons: if they still exist at all march 2017
Eszter Radák:
For Seasons:
if they still exist at all
22 March 2017  - 22 April  
Gábor Király: Reservation february 2017
Gábor Király:
20 February - 18 March 2017
József Csató: Pocket Volcano march 2016
József Csató:
Pocket Volcano
24 March - 13 April 2016
Eszter Radák: Fütyül a rigó september 2014
Eszter Radák:
Fütyül a rigó
10-27 September 2014
Gábor Király: Guests march 2014
Gábor Király:
12 March - 9 April 2014
Vomeronasale - An exhibition by József Csató september 2013
Vomeronasale - An exhibition by József Csató
4 September - 1 October 2013
Out-of-the-doors! september 2012
6-27 September 2012
L O O P may 2012
23 May - 30 June 2012
Made in Wunderland april 2012
Made in Wunderland
3 April 2012  - 0  0000  
Istvan Nyari march 2012
Istvan Nyari
6-31 March 2012
Small Talk september 2011
Small Talk
1-28 September 2011
Budapest Flow may 2011
Budapest Flow
27 May 2011  - 0  0000  
Paper Panorama march 2011
Paper Panorama
11 March - 30 April 2011
József Szurcsik: Homo Homini november 2010
József Szurcsik:
Homo Homini
10-30 November 2010
Luca Korodi: Far away from Africa november 2010
Luca Korodi:
Far away from Africa
10-30 November 2010
A kép képe september 2010
A kép képe
10-30 September 2010
Szilárd Cseke september 2009
Szilárd Cseke
9-30 September 2009
Luca Korodi: Happy Huntingfields february 2009
Luca Korodi:
Happy Huntingfields
12 February - 14 March 2009
Éva Köves 2007-2008 january 2009
Éva Köves 2007-2008
12 January - 6 February 2009
Imre Bak and Roters Katharina november 2008
Imre Bak and Roters Katharina
3-26 November 2008
Nádler Retrospective september 2008
Nádler Retrospective
13 September - 4 October 2008
Áron Gábor: Light processes may 2008
Áron Gábor:
Light processes
29 May - 28 June 2008
Three Graces april 2008
Three Graces
16 April - 6 May 2008
Arnulf Rainer and Respect for Arnulf Rainer: József Gaál, Tamás Kopasz, István Nádler, Károly Szikszai february 2008
Arnulf Rainer and Respect for Arnulf Rainer:
József Gaál, Tamás Kopasz, István Nádler, Károly Szikszai
23 February - 22 March 2008
József Szurcsik: Arcadia january 2008
József Szurcsik:
29 January 2008  - 29 February  
Fresh Painting september 2007
Fresh Painting
16 September - 3 October 2007