Istvan Nyari

Virág Judit Gallery is proud to present an exhibition showcasing the artwork from the past 30 years of the legendary painter, István Nyári. As the London-based artist has not had an exclusive exhibition in Hungary, his home country, for a couple of years, our exhibition is celebrating the 60-year-old Nyári for multiple reasons, featuring such cult works as T.M.T.H’s Madonna, In the museum before closing or Killer scene beside some of his very recent items.

With cyborgs riding a bike, androids dreaming of electric sheep, plastic dolls taking a bubble bath and robotic dogs running around happily having received a new heart, Nyári’s futuristic visions transport us to post-human times. His compositions use kitsch-like elements and draw inspiration from Japanese anime, cult sci-fi stories and fantasy fiction. His pictures usually feature familiar characters which bear multiple layers of meaning as they do not only reflect themselves, but also refer to the cultural environment and era that evoked them. Nyári’s paintings always reveal the date of their origin as they accurately depict the current phenomena of the world of television, movies, subculture and underground from the late 20th century and the early 21st century. After all, Nyári is an outright chronicler of the age, who perceives the world soberly in its own madness.

The human figures he portrays always play an important role in carrying meaning. His allegoric human figures, usually taken from motion pictures or mythology are sometimes replaced by real flesh and bone characters from his life. The theme of Saint Sebastian’s martyrdom, for example, has been used by various pieces of art in numerous manifestations depending on the prevailing trends. Nyári was also influenced by this motif, taking a photographic portrait of one of his friend’s son to replace the characteristic arrow feature of traditional St. Sebastian representations with takker nails, and pained expression with proud posture and Zoolander-like look to create his famous painting called St. Sebastian makes Zoolander’s incredible Magnum face.

The painter’s son, Benjamin, is a regular character in his pictures. Ring of Lord Benjamin, for instance, not only refers to the Lord of the Rings hype, but also features one of Nyári’s greatest tricks of the trade: a tendency to hide smaller, more intensive visual elements in his pictures as a sort of distraction; to use the “picture-in-picture” effect to create a very different atmosphere to that of the picture does as a whole.

Thanks to TIF and JPEG images, PS and ID, Nyári’s paintings provide a picture of reality so clear that it is even more precise than visible reality. His technocrat compositions are built up pixel by pixel according to a precisely-developed plan, with everything being enlarged and worked out to the minutest detail. Even reality itself does not normally represent objects so closely and accurately. As a result, the subjectively-linked elements of reality will create more surreal pictures. Nyári compresses, condenses and multiplies the themes of his pictures, and amplifies them to a state of madness, where the seemingly incredibly unrelated elements suddenly start communicating with each other to create a unique language, a hallmark of Nyári, which reaches far beyond our boldest dreams.

Eszter Radák: For Seasons: if they still exist at all march 2017
Eszter Radák:
For Seasons:
if they still exist at all
22 March 2017  - 22 April  
Gábor Király: Reservation february 2017
Gábor Király:
20 February - 18 March 2017
József Csató: Pocket Volcano march 2016
József Csató:
Pocket Volcano
24 March - 13 April 2016
Eszter Radák: Fütyül a rigó september 2014
Eszter Radák:
Fütyül a rigó
10-27 September 2014
Gábor Király: Guests march 2014
Gábor Király:
12 March - 9 April 2014
Vomeronasale - An exhibition by József Csató september 2013
Vomeronasale - An exhibition by József Csató
4 September - 1 October 2013
Out-of-the-doors! september 2012
6-27 September 2012
L O O P may 2012
23 May - 30 June 2012
Made in Wunderland april 2012
Made in Wunderland
3 April 2012  - 0  0000  
Small Talk september 2011
Small Talk
1-28 September 2011
Budapest Flow may 2011
Budapest Flow
27 May 2011  - 0  0000  
Paper Panorama march 2011
Paper Panorama
11 March - 30 April 2011
József Szurcsik: Homo Homini november 2010
József Szurcsik:
Homo Homini
10-30 November 2010
Luca Korodi: Far away from Africa november 2010
Luca Korodi:
Far away from Africa
10-30 November 2010
A kép képe september 2010
A kép képe
10-30 September 2010
Szilárd Cseke september 2009
Szilárd Cseke
9-30 September 2009
Katalin Haász september 2009
Katalin Haász
9-30 September 2009
Luca Korodi: Happy Huntingfields february 2009
Luca Korodi:
Happy Huntingfields
12 February - 14 March 2009
Éva Köves 2007-2008 january 2009
Éva Köves 2007-2008
12 January - 6 February 2009
Imre Bak and Roters Katharina november 2008
Imre Bak and Roters Katharina
3-26 November 2008
Nádler Retrospective september 2008
Nádler Retrospective
13 September - 4 October 2008
Áron Gábor: Light processes may 2008
Áron Gábor:
Light processes
29 May - 28 June 2008
Three Graces april 2008
Three Graces
16 April - 6 May 2008
Arnulf Rainer and Respect for Arnulf Rainer: József Gaál, Tamás Kopasz, István Nádler, Károly Szikszai february 2008
Arnulf Rainer and Respect for Arnulf Rainer:
József Gaál, Tamás Kopasz, István Nádler, Károly Szikszai
23 February - 22 March 2008
József Szurcsik: Arcadia january 2008
József Szurcsik:
29 January 2008  - 29 February  
Fresh Painting september 2007
Fresh Painting
16 September - 3 October 2007