Konok, Tamás

The Artist's Biography
1930 January 9 Born in Budapest
1940-1948 Gergely Czuczor Benedictine High-School, Győr
1945-1950 Conservatoire, Győr
1948-1953 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1955 Prize for Young Artists
1958 Derkovits-scholarship
1959 settles in Paris
1961 first solo-exhibition in the Galerie Lambert in Paris
1963 H. Hartford Foundation Fellowship - spends a creative year in
New York and California
1963-1974 regular participant of the Réalités Nouvelles exhibitions
1970 receives his French citizenship
1971 beginning of a 25 year association with the Galerie Schlegll in Zurich
1971-1974 works related to architecture, statuettes, reliefs, seccos
1980 first exhibition in Hungary with Katalin Hetey in the
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1992 honorary professorship at theBudapest University of Technology and Economics
1997 Knight of the French National Order of Merit (l'Ordre National Merite)
1997 award of the Hungarian Painters Association
1998 Kossuth Prize
2001 honorary member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Art
2004 The President of the Hungarian Republic decorates him with the Order ofMerit of the Republic of Hungary - Middle Cross
2006 becomes a regular fellow of the Széchenyi Academy of
Literature and Art founding member of the
Open Structures Art Society [OSAS]
2008 Lifetime achievement award of
The Hungarian Painting Day Foundation Board of Trustees
Tamás Konok lives and works in Paris and Budapest