Király, Gábor


2004 - 2006 University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts,

Visual Arts Teacher, Pécs

1997 - 2001 Eszterházy Károly College,

drawing and visual communication, Eger

1993 - 1997 Kandó Kálmán Technical School, graphic arts, Kecskemét


2004 Artus Contemporary Arts Association

2003 Studio of Young Artists Association

2002 Hungarian Society of Paper Art

2001 Hungarian Society of Painters

2000 Community of Artists in Kecskemét

Awards, Competitions

2013 Maticska Jenő Award

II. National Drawing Triennale, Prize of the Hunagrian Graphic Artist's Association

XIX. Award of Faces and Fates National Portrait Biennale

Silver Javelin, III. prize

Balaton Exhibition, Award of the National Fine Art Biennale

2012 XIV. Panel Painting Biennale of Szeged, Award by the city of Szeged

2009 Prize of the Hungarian Society of Painters

2007 INTAKE, Point of View, Indianapolis, USA

POP! Goes the West, Art Contest, Intake / Eiteljorg Museum of

American Indians and Western Art/, Indianapolis, USA, 2nd Prize

2006 Strabag Art Award

2005 Derkovits Scholarship

2004 12th Salgótarján Drawing Biennale,

Award of the Art and Free Culture Foundation

2000 Painting Award of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage

Unesco: Colours of Peace International Drawing and Painting

Contest, 2nd Prize

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 Weekdays, Studio 1900 Gallery, Budapest

2008 Kirongozi, Boulevard & Brezsnyev Art Gallery, Budapest

Gábor Király’s exhibition, Artus Studio, Budapest

Dialogue4, Polish Institute, Platán Gallery, (with Magdalena Moskwa)

2007 BBQ, OctogonArt Gallery, Budapest

Overseas, Big Car Gallery, Indianapolis, USA

New Vintage, OctogonArt Gallery, Budapest (with József Csató and Ágnes Gazdag)

Castro Bistro, Budapest

2003 Artus Gallery, Budapest (with József Gábor and Eszter Szabó)

2002 City Gallery, Szigetszentmiklós (with Imre Szuromi)

2001 Cultural Centre, Eger (with Ferenc Erdei)

Grand Café, Szeged

Budatétény- Budafok Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 Budapest Flow, Contemporary Hungarian Painting Tendencies, Virag Judit Contemporary Gallery, Budapest

Small Talk, Virag Judit Contemporary, Budapest

2010 Parallelisms II., Léna & Roselli Galéria, Budapest

Here and Beyond the Glass Mountain, acb Gallery, Budapest

Relations. - Who? Whom? With what? – Portrait Variations from the Deák Collection and the Present, Székesfehérvár

2009 PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, New York, USA, Léna & Roselli Gallery

LINEART - Art Fair - Flanders expo - Gent, Belgium, Léna & Roselli Gallery

Budapest Art Fair, Léna & Roselli Gallery, Budapest

CSA-KI-FI-TU-NA-NÁ, National Theatre, Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest

BUDARTPEST, Léna & Roselli Gallery, Budapest

Face, Mug, Physiognomy, Ráday Cellar Gallery, Budapest

2008 Exhibition of Derkovits Fine Arts Scholars, Ernst Museum, Budapest

12th Panel Painting Biennale, Reök Palace, Szeged

Pique-Nique vol.2., (Boulevard and Brezsnyev Gallery), Holdudvar, Budapest

Park Stage (OCTOGONart Gallery ), Holdudvar, Budapest

Advent Calendar VIII, façade of Gerbeaud House, Budapest

Exhibition of Léna Art Saloon, Szentendre Old Artists Colony,

Léna & Roselli Gallery, Szentendre

Budapest Art Fair, Léna & Roselli Gallery

Budapest Art Fair, OctogonArt Gallery, Budapest

GRAPH-EAST International Graphic Art Exhibition, Olof Palme House, Budapest

2007 Exhibition of Derkovits Fine Arts Scholars, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Exhibition of Derkovits Fine Arts Scholars, Hungarian Cultural Centre in Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Joint exhibition of Boulevard & Brezsnyev and Gallery Pic – Ant,

”Teleportation”, Kassel, Germany

Exhibition of the Artus Collection, Artus Studio, Budapest

March 2 First Friday Opening at Big Car Gallery, Indianapolis, USA

April 6 First Friday Opening at Big Car Gallery, Indianapolis, USA

Uncut Version, Ernst Museum, Budapest

2006 Exhibition of Derkovits Fine Arts Scholars, Hungarian Cultural Centre in Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Exhibition of Derkovits Fine Arts Scholars, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Exhibition of the Artus Collection, Artus Studio, Budapest

Strabag Art Award Is Ten Years Old, Strabag Art Award, 2006,

Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

B & B – Contemporary Art Gallery – opening exhibition of the gallery

PIVA Contemporary Art Collection, Here We Are, Mucius Gallery, Budapest

Christmas Saloon / Exhibition, Octogonart Gallery – Körzőgyár, Budapest

2005 Exhibition of the artists of Artus Studio, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2004 12th Salgótarján Drawing Biennale, Salgótarján

Eger Water-colour Biennale, Eger

Hungarian Society of Paper Art, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia

Hungarian Society of Paper Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

„Burgerland Fairy-tale”, Eisenstadt, Austria

GARBa 04’, “Goat Walk”, Montescaglioso, Italy

Kecskemét Cityscape, Volksbank Gallery, Kecskemét,

That’s New, Exhibition of new studio members, Dinamo Gallery

Works in Public Collections

Museum of Literature Petőfi, Budapest

UNESCO, Troyes, France


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