About us

Virág Judit Gallery has been involved in contemporary art since 2001, with its first Independent Painting exhibition launched in spring 2007. The exhibition aimed to emphasize our philosophy that painting is continuous with interrelated artistic tendencies.

Our Gallery equally represents the members of the so-called Iparterv group, and the middle and younger generation of painters. Our mission is to manage artists, represent contemporary Hungarian painting abroad, edit catalogues and publish essays on art.

Virág Judit Gallery for Contemporary Art hosts several programs including exclusive, thematic and group exhibitions, presentations and other special events in January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, and November.

Why contemporary?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Hungary in the artworks and events of contemporary art, with an increasing number of institutional and private collectors recognising the skyrocketing value of contemporary art collections. If you purchase a painting from a contemporary Hungarian artist, you can easily become a well-known patron. International experience shows that contemporary art also offers great PR opportunities.

The contemporary American and Western European art markets enjoyed a huge price explosion over the last 3 years. The price of classics like Warhol, Yves Klein, or Rothko increased sixfold or sevenfold to reach the unapproachable benchmark of impressionist artworks.


The paintings of some contemporary artists are expected to see an annual price increase of up to 40 percent. On a longer term, a carefully selected contemporary artwork can make multiple profits compared to stock market transactions. Currently, Hungary is emerging to follow this tendency. In 4 or 5 years, the favourable price level of some contemporary paintings will multiply copying the established trend of leading international markets.


Collection development / Art consulting

  • Corporate collections
  • Private collections

Virág Judit Gallery for Contemporary Art provides customized art consulting services to its corporate and private clients on an international, domestic and regional scale to help them develop the most perfect collection.

Why our gallery?

Our team of experts have great experience in the Hungarian art market. The gallery's experienced specialists and qualified marketing and public relations team offer distinguished guidance to our visitors.